2021 Wrap Up

The November 2021 conference was held over two mornings, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM to Tuesday, November 23, 2021 and Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

In total, there were twelve committee members, twenty-two sponsors organizations, seventeen featured presenters, one live illustrator, five event hosts, fourteen presentations, and seven sponsor commercials.

The theme for this year’s conference centred upon new beginnings. At the time that planning for the November 2021 conference began, the committee was anticipating November to bring the workforce new beginnings, as we thought we’d be transitioning out of many restrictions from the pandemic. While the trajectory of the workforce in regards to the pandemic is still largely uncertain, the committee was of the mind we had already experienced the greatest thick of it and now we’re transitioning to recovery mode.

Presentation Decks

How To: Dive-In

Suggestions from attendees at the 2021 Growing Your Workforce Conference.

1. Know your neighbourhood
2. Build roads
3. Start today


Investing in Upgrading and Training, presented by Chris Prosser
Building a Resilient Workforce, presented by Bev Kobe
Regional Workforce Strategies, presented by Aileen Murray
Workplace Inclusion Charter, presented by Wessam Ayad
Your Guide to Apprenticeships, presented by Emily Arrowsmith
Innovative Retention Strategies for Newcomers, presented by Natalya Brown
Workforce and Housing Challenges, presented by Audrey Ansell, Crystal Ellis and Nancy Huether
Refugee Talent Pools, presented by Patrick O’Leary
Career Ladders, presented by Sara Gill
Leveraging Newcomer Talent: From Resumes to Retention, presented by Sienna Jae Taylor
Skills to Thrive in a Changing Labour Market, presented by Tricia Williams
WE Data Tools, presented by Justin Falconer
Building Resilience Through Play, presented by Summer Burton